Video Resources for Returning Citizens

Mass Liberation Youtube Channel – Our Youtube channel has videos on many topics that are essential knowledge for folks returning home in the modern world. They include everything from personal finance and housing to relationships and reunifying with family. While some of our content is California-specific, we hope that all of it will be of use to anyone returning home from incarceration.

Family Support Seminar – In May, 2022, Mass Liberation held a seminar to provide information for people who have loved ones coming home. The videos contain guidance such as how best to help your loved ones before, during, and throughout their transition, covering topics such as what items those returning home do and don’t need, how to navigate transitional housing and parole, and what sorts of emotional and social support they may need.


Guides and Pamphlets

Mass Liberation Welcome Home Blueprint – This guide provides practical advice for those navigating their first few months home. It includes information on housing, obtaining identification, and other necessary steps.

Steps to a Crucial Conversation – A simple primer on having hard, but necessary conversations without undue conflict.


Other Organizations

Reentry Services:

St. John’s Rise Reentry Program (Medical, LGBTQIA+ Services, Benefits)

A New Way of Life (Women’s Housing, Legal Services, Reunification, Life Skills)

Anti-Recidivism Coalition (Housing, Legal Services, Vocational Courses)

Friends Outside (Life Skills, Employment Preparation, Systems Navigation)

Clothes the Deal (Clothing)

TransLatin@ Coalition (LGBTQIA+ Services)

API Rise (Systems Navigation)

Root and Rebound (Legal Services, Clinics, Reentry Legal Hotline at 510-279-4662)

Homies Unidos (Tattoo Removal, Family Wellness)


Five Keys

CSU Project Rebound


America’s Job Center of California

Goodwill Southern California

Homeboy Industries


Ten Toes In