Our Mission

With empathy and enthusiasm—to educate and empower returning citizens with holistic, evidence-based interventions while engaging all communities to emancipate America from mass incarceration.

Our Vision

A nation without mass incarceration.

Our Values

Every Individual desires freedom, prosperity, purpose, and connection.  Mass Liberation aims to build a community that can take a cycle of pain and punishment and turn it into a cycle of peace and purpose.

We feel the trauma and human suffering of mass incarceration–together we take action to provide healing and empowerment.

We take responsibility and do all things with integrity–together we earn and build trust with one another and all communities.

We do our work with joy, relentless passion and for a greater purpose–together we never, ever give up.

We use scientifically gathered data, proven best practices, and critical thinking skills–together we provide the highest quality care and make a real impact.

We seek big, viable ideas–together we implement new technologies and methodologies to transcend lives. 

We create businesses and partner with employers to supply jobs for returning citizens–together we enhance the economic well-being and safety of our communities.

We respect everyone and harm no one–together we help each other be the best versions of our unique ourselves.

We model health and wellness–together we learn to care for ourselves so we can care for each other

We believe in the power of lived experiences–together we give returning citizens the means and opportunities for self-determinism, to live with joy, and lead their own communities.