Mass Liberation seeks to empower individuals returning to society after serving time in prison or jail by assisting with practical needs and helping Returning Citizens to find joy in participating in community and serving others.

Mass Liberation's Community Learning Center

Mass Liberation is located in South LA County, right along the 110 freeway. We offer classroom and online courses in four core areas:  Healthy Relationships, Total Wellness, Technology, and Responsibilities & Finance. Participants learn the basic skills that will help them to thrive with jobs and housing, but also work together to continue to heal and grow personally.


When citizens have completed Mass Liberation courses, they continue to work with a ‘Citizen Coach,’ a successful person with lived experience, who assists them in finding housing and employment opportunities and in successfully achieving their transitional goals. Our Community Center is also a place where Returning Citizens can come to study, meet together, hold classes or groups, use the computer lab, or socialize. We also encourage other reentry organizations to use our space to serve the community. 

Online Reentry Learning Platform

Mass Liberation also offers a comprehensive online learning platform, where Returning Citizens can watch videos covering 60 different topics within the four core learning areas, take quizzes, and find links to additional information and helpful resources and activities. To register for the online learning platform, click on the ‘Citizen Login’ button on this site’s menu.

Liberty House

Mass Liberation has a beautiful transitional home in South LA County that provides a safe and restful environment for Returning Citizens who served long prison terms. Citizens at the house participate in the Mass Liberation community and Center, as well as actively working together to care for the home.


Mass Liberation’s goal is to offer employment assistance to its returning citizens that goes beyond job referrals and interview practice. In addition to employment skills training, we aim to, in the near future, provide employment through social enterprise, which will fuel the future success of our citizens and our community. We believe that with the right support, Returning Citizens have the strengths and skills to excel in any endeavor.